Saturday, April 4, 2009

FSBO Checklist

You are holding an open house, after days of cleaning and preparing the first buyers walk in the door. They turn a light on in the bedroom and the bulb is out, they try the bathroom faucet and is stuck, thinking that both the wiring and plumbing in the house are shot they walk out the door never to re-appear.

This is a very common scenario. Selling a home, while it definitely isn't rocket science does require you to do a hundred little things. Most of these, like cleaning and preparing your house you will have to do no matter how you plan to sell, FSBO or with a full service agent.

With this in mind we wracked our brains, talked to our agents and customers and put together a checklist, actually a group of checklists to help home sellers make sure they don't miss a step. It covers, planning to sell, prepping your home, marketing your home and closing the transaction.

Even better, it's Free.

Click Here to Download The Checklist