Monday, December 29, 2008

DOJ Study: "How Home Sellers Can Save"

A Study by the US Department of Justice recently concluded that consumers could save thousands by using flat fee MLS and other self directed tool.

A quote from the survey:

Consumers Can Save Thousands of Dollars in Commissions

"Consumers who live in states permitting them the option to choose innovative brokerage options, such as rebates or fee-for-service MLS-only packages, can potentially save thousands of dollars on commission payments."

We've known this for years, but are happy to be supported by an official finding by the US Government.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Love Maps!

Today we launched a new look for our site and we are thrilled to incorporate mapping into search results. We added a number of other improvements to our search results to make the listings easier to use both for Buyers and Sellers.
Almost all the feedback we got before we started this project was that more information in listings was better, but too much info on any one page doesn't help - trust us on this one.

We think we have found a great balance with the right amount of information about properties in the right place.

The part we love the best is the new maps. We used Google maps since they provide some of the best features, support and a clean look which we all have come to rely on.

A special thanks to our engineers for all of their work, toil and the willingness to put up with nine hundred thousand new ideas during this redo.

Tell us what you think! Is there something you'd really like to see as a buyer or a seller? We want to make our site work for you if you are buying, selling or simply browsing.