Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Online Curb Appeal

Online listings have curb appeal, just like homes

The impression of your home happens online, and its "online curb appeal" will determine a buyer's interest in the first 3 seconds.   Your online impact is equal to your curb appeal impact... In both instances, the way you package the product to entice a potential buyer is key

Follow these four steps to make sure your listing stands out:
  1. Great Photos. A professional feel to images will determine how many people look at your listing. They should cover the unique selling points of your home: Yard, remodels, wood floors, storage - in a well lit setting.

  2. Unique Description. What makes this house special, who is it right for? No home is for everyone, so take the time to think about your home, and then make sure your description is written for them.

    "Keep in mind that you're selling a dream if someone can imagine his or her life unfolding in the images and descriptive text, you are one step closer to landing a successful showing," Flynn said.

  3. Know your neighborhood! Your description should sell your neighborhood as well as your home: location to school, parks, highway access, everything a buyer needs to know to choose your location over other homes listed.

  4. Think about your price based on searching. Most people search by lowest price first and put on a price cap at even numbers like $350,000 or $400,000. By pricing at $349,000 you'll show up more often.
You listing is a living page, feel free to edit and change it to improve it. Ask your friends and professional contacts to give you honest feedback and update your listing. Consider hiring a professional to photograph your home.

Check out the competition. Spend a few minutes searching for homes in your area and see hour your images and description stacks up. Buyers are comparing your listing to the others they see online, make sure yours is the most exciting and most direct.

All this can make your home listing pop off the page and draw buyers interest from the beginning.