Monday, December 7, 2009

Good photos vs. Bad photos

Photos equal online curb appeal.   Compare these two homes based on photo quality.  Which would you visit?

Both of these homes were selected from the same city, are offered for the same price and have roughly the same square footage.

Home #1:

Home #2:

What more can we say?   Pictures are what attract views, and views attract buyers.  If you asked us to explain the differences between these two homes online appeal, the basics are clear:

Good lighting is important.  Avoid taking shots when facing into the sun or you risk getting blurred, hazy images.  For indoor photos, have someone hold up some lights behind you to brighten up the room.

Clutter is a turn off.  It takes a few minutes to clean up a room and put away personal items and clutter.  This will show up in the photos dramatically.  At the very least empty the sink of your dirty dishes!

Find the right angle for each room.  Take a few photos from different angles and pick the one that shows off the room to the best advantage.  Try both a kneeling view and one standing on a chair or ladder to see which gives the best feeling for space.

December is a great time to prepare for the new year.  Spruce your listing up with the gift of new photos, you might get a nice surprise with new inquiries and new interest come January.