Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What a Difference a Door Makes

Welcome to your new home.. That is what a new door says to buyers. Front doors, garage doors, bedroom doors etc - are among of the most cost efficient changes you can make to entice buyers, but which doors are worth the cost to change?

According to NAR's 2009 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report  small-scale exterior projects had the best return on investment for home sellers, according to a NAR survey competed by  REALTORS®.    A new steel reinforced front door returned 128% of the cost in increased home price.  Garage doors, new locks and handles also showed positive returns.   But the real reason to pay attention to your doors is because they set the first impression for buyers and can make or break a sale.

If windows have been referred to as the "eyes" of a room, then doors are the mouths, speaking volumes about the rooms they complement - according to Dena Amoruso in this article in the Owners.com sellers library

Take the entry door, for example. How much of an instant impression does a beautiful front door make on you? Windows, cut glass, carved oak, arched, or decorated with brass accents? While waiting for this door to open, it's an eye-catching item to study, from a visitor's point of view. Simple front doors can be replaced by fancier ones to exude your own sense of style. Even a modest home can seem palatial with a beautiful front door as a greeting.

Your bedroom can feel more private with a exterior door to the backyard allowing buyers to envision a quiet sitting area or a spa.   This small change allows buyers to envision what "improvements" they would add to make the home their own.

Interior doors can also make a big impact.  Start with simple changes like upgraded hardware or polished door knobs.  French doors as an entry into a dining room are a classic design that still makes a room feel special and can enliven a space.