Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Showcase on Realtor.com®

What are the three rule of selling Real Estate?

If you answered "Location, Location, Location" we're sorry to say you have got it wrong. For home sellers the most important three rules are: "Advertise Advertise Advertise". Visibility is the key to bringing in buyers and that is the idea behind our latest product a Showcase Listing on Realtor.com®

Many of our customers want the advantage of listing their home in the most
visited real estate site, (with approximately 6 million visitors per month) but were not ready to list their home in their local MLS in full view of local brokers.

Our new package lets sellers list their home on Realtor.com as an enhanced, Showcase listing with highlighted search results and up to 25 jumbo photos, and not worry about being listed on their local MLS - the service used by most of the local brokers.

Best of all you can get this powerful advertising tool without any expensive added contracts or listing fees. Owners charges one low flat fee of $295 to list on Realtor.com® - Great advertising at a discount price, with all the support you expect from Owners.com.