Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 Realtor tricks to avoid!

Realtor's are professionals, but sometimes like any busy person they can fall into using shortcuts and tricks to get a home listed quickly.  Here are common 7 shortcuts to avoid.

1.  No fuzzy photos.  Hire a real photographer.  You are selling your biggest asset, make sure it looks great.  There is no way to over-estimate how important photos are to people searching for a home.  A couple hours of a professional's time is well worth the price it to drive real interest in your online listings.  Buyers know that good photographs help them not waste time and are put out by a reliable professional seller. - As a bonus you can use the pictures in your fliers also!

2.  Stop the Blah blah blah.   Don't write marketing jargon and buzz about your home.  People looking for homes have read hundreds of listings.  The ones that stand out tell the facts clearly and offer something honest and unique about the home.

3.  Don't get creative about the neighborhood.  If your home is in near a great neighborhood say that, but don't use fake terms like "adjacent" or worse lie about where your home is.  Buyers will have to know the truth eventually

4.  Be honest about the details.  Both square footage and bedrooms are critical numbers buyers what to know.  If you have an illegal bonus room, mention it, but don't turn a 2 bedroom cottage into a 4 bedroom ranch house with smoke and dreams.

5. Show pictures of what you mention in your description.  If you have a pool, show it, make sure it's there.  One shot of each bedroom is a minimum.  Your pictures and description have to match up to make buyers feel at ease.

6.  Lead with your best shot of the outside of the house.  View pictures as the first shot on a listing tells buyers that the home is either ugly or even worse forgettable.  You want them to remember your house when they come back to find it online and show others

7.  Write a full description.  If you are going to list online don't waste your time if all you have to say is "Great Home for Young Family".  This feels like an automated listing program placed your home online and that there is no one to talk to on the other end.  Use your advantage as a by owner seller and let them know some one cared enough to say something about the home they are going to buy.