Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is the White House for Sale?

Want to own the most famous house in the world for the bargain price of $182 per sq ft? With 1600 Pennsylvania Ave - The White House - listed For Sale By Owner, now might be your chance!

NBC, CBS and, of course, Gawker  all reported today that the White House was posted "For Sale By Owner" around the web on popular real estate sites such as Redfin, Trulia and Owners.com.  The numbers are impressive: 55,000 sq. ft, 5 bedrooms, state of the art live/work space and complete with bowling alley!  One problem might be that the sale would come as a surprise to the current occupants. It was to all of us at Owners.com... well maybe not a complete surprise.

Last week, in an effort to help home sellers write better descriptions and understand how to create a great listing using photos and details to paint a picture of their home, we created a few "sample" listings.  We made sure to add in all the things that attract buyers including a good price and plenty of bright photos.  And what better example to use than a home everyone knows?

Unfortunately our sample listing  (http://www.1600pennsylvaniaavenue.net/) which we created as a fun educational tool got picked up by our partners all around the net. While we did receive a number of generous offers, including one from a charming gentleman who offered us $10 million in Chinese trinkets, another person claiming to represent BP and one from an alleged Washington lobbyist who was willing to put the whole purchase price on his platinum Amex card, we had to decline them all and remind everyone to take the lesson that a good description and a photo of Richard Nixon in a snazzy bowling shirt can take your home listing a long way.