Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Creating an online listing with curb appeal is step 1, but so is avoiding the 3 big mistakes most sellers make.

1. Assuming Buyers will find you once your home is listed.

Once your listing is up the real work begins, making sure it is seen by as many buyers as possible.  There are lots of places online your listing can be seen; you need to show up on the biggest ones to ensure that you get the most visibility.  These include Owners, Google,, your local MLS, MSN, Trulia, and even Craigslist.  Buyers need to find you before they can make an offer.

2.  Photos are worth a thousand words.

No question photos are critical, they catch buyers eye and show your house at its best. B photos can also over looked key advantages that only show up in the description.   Buyers want to make sure they are dealing with someone who will be easy, reasonable and professional.  While most sellers know to describe their home well, they forget to sell themselves and let buyers know it is easy to contact them.  So make sure to put buyers at easy by communicating you're happy to work with them, show the house any time and willing to assist in any way.

3. Assuming all brokers are bad.

Some FSBO sellers believe they should never dealing with any real estate agents.  The truth is if you want to get the best price this is a foolish assumption.  Sure there are some independent buyers out there will to make offers with no commission costs.

 But maybe the right buyer for you, the one who really wants what your home offers, is represented by a broker.  In this case this buyer is most willing to pay what you are asking.  
This final myth is so powerful it is worth explaining another way, the goal for most sellers is to get the best price within a reasonable time frame.   How you get that price shouldn't matter, in other words calculate the net price you'll get after commissions and take the best offer.  When you look at it this way it makes sense to get as many offers as possible including those from buyers with brokers to give you the most options in this market.