Thursday, December 15, 2011

5 Steps to Before You Sell in 2012

With so many homes on the market, now is the time to plan your 2012 campaign to sell your home starting with these five key steps. So plan a couple hours before January 1st rolls around to get a head of the game for your 2012 sale.

1. Study the local market:
Who is your home right for? Your first step is to ask what is your neighborhood's best selling point? Is it a good area for a young couple or a retirement option for empty nesters or is it best for families with school age kids?

Think about the likely buyers and rewrite your listing copy with them in mind. No home is right for everyone and the more you can let your target audience know why this location fits their needs the better off you are.

2. Get to the point:
Don't bore buyers! Headlines should be five words long. Now that you can picture your possible buyers, write a headline that helps your house stand out:
  • 3 Bedrooms near the Park
  • Family home in great neighborhood
  • Starter home with great kitchen
3. Don't forget about offline.
It may be old school but simple one page brochures still work. Use the template we offer on Owners then get ready to paper the town with your home for sale sheets. Try some non-traditional places including nearby apartment complexes. Renters in your neighborhood are a great pool of potential buyers who know the area and very low interest rates may be ready to buy.

4. Don't forget about the Realtors.
Even if you don't want to hire an agent to help you sell your home, remember, Realtors represent a lot of buyers. Create a brochure just for them that looks like the ones you find handed out at Tuesday showings, that is the day Realtors connect with each other to show new listings.

You may even sweeten the incentive by offering 3.5% to a Realtor who brings you a buyer. You'll stand out from the rest of the 3% offers and you'll still save big by not hiring a traditional seller's agent. The best way to accomplish this is to list your home on the MLS when you are ready to sell. But get prepared now!

5. Photos are very important.
Your lead photo is critical. Take great image of your home - try shooting it from ground level to help it stand out. You might even hire a professional photographer, or have a friend who is good with the camera help you see your home from a different perspective. All listings are built around images and investing time getting good shots will attract more buyers.

Planning pays off. Use this time to get prepared and you'll hit the ground running when the selling season comes around.